Alsto Precision Clamping Fixtures

Fast, accurate, cost-effective

The experts in clamping fixtures

On the one side, there is the powerful machine – and on the other, the tool. Where the two meet is where we focus all our energy and expertise. That is because everything hinges on the quality of the clamping fixture when machining wood, fiber-reinforced plastics and metal.

The better the clamping fixture, the faster the machine spindle can turn, the faster parts become high-quality products with a superior finish and the longer the service life of your tool and machine spindle. Go for quality – go for ALSTO clamping fixtures.


Precise and durable

Choose from the highest-quality collet chucks, heat shrink chucks, Weldon toolholders, milling arbors, saw blade chucks and complementary accessories – with the added reassurance that we design and produce all our high-precision hollow shank taper (HSK) and steep taper (SK) products ourselves.


Passionate about precision

High-quality, quenched and tempered case-hardened and hot-formed steel, precisely machined, checked, balanced and highly polished. Our toolholders gleam like gems.


We are here for you

Get in touch and experience for yourself just how friendly, knowledgeable and strong on service we are. As a family company we focus on meeting your requirements – where you will know exactly who you are dealing with, and they will know you.